Survey Questionnaires Editor

The questionnaire editor is one of the key components of a survey system and has a significant influence on the way in which the survey is managed and on the quality of the data collected. The questionnaire editor must be user-friendly, comfortable to handle and easy to operate. As well, the questionnaire editor must allow for composing complex questionnaires that include many questions, conditional questions, multiple questionnaire sections, etc.

Building a questionnaire using Pristo’s questionnaire editor

Pristo is a system for carrying out surveys that enables the building of smart questionnaires with a great variety of field types, options for conditionality between fields, as well as enforcement of intactness checks while the questionnaire is being completed. As well, questionnaires can be filled out using a variety of platforms such as: website, mobile site, Android application, iPhone etc.

Survey question types

Pristo allows the user to build forms comprised of a large number of questions types, for example: choosing from a list (combobox), text field, numerical field, date, hour, address on a map, multiple choice (checklist) etc.

Conditionality and intactness checks

Pristo’s questionnaire editor allows for the conditional presentation and hiding of questions, according to answers given by the surveyed in previous questions, for example: if the surveyed indicated that he is 12 years old, the system will hide questions from him concerning the type of vehicle he uses.
This ability is very important in order to create a readable questionnaire that is comfortable, orderly, and free of superfluous questions. When building questionnaires for surveys, it is important to create an interface that enables the implementation of a speedy interview, in order to preclude any discomfort or disturbance on the part of the interviewee.

As such, the system allows for intactness checks, for example: if the surveyed wrote that he works full-time but when asked about the days of the week that he works he only indicates two days, the system will notify that there is a discrepancy. This capacity greatly influences the quality of data collected and significantly reduces the number of typing or response entry errors and the like.

Loop Questions

Pristo’s questionnaire editor enables the user to create a questionnaire with repetitions, for example: if we want to create a questionnaire for a household and in this questionnaire there will be questions that repeat themselves for each household member, then there should be an option to define a set of questions that will repeat from the beginning for each member of the household.

Split questionnaire

Sometimes we must interview the same subject several times, for example: if we want the subject to complete some particular action between the first and second interview, or if we want to return to the subject when some particular condition has occurred or been fulfilled. A split questionnaire is a popular tool in consumer surveys and transport surveys, such as a household travel survey. This split allows the user to return to the same interviewee a number of times, each time with a different questionnaire, and to keep all the information under one single entry for that interviewee.